Whitmer & Worrall is a bi-partisan government relations and strategic counseling firm headquartered in our nation’s capital. The firm’s stated goal is to represent companies and institutions who seek to be the leaders of their respective industries. These may include Fortune 500 companies, innovative growth companies, colleges and universities, state and local governments, trade associations,

Areas of expertise

Whitmer & Worrall has several areas of expertise. The partners have extensive and diverse experience as a result of working on many of the most prominent legislative issues over the past decade. Our primary practice areas include:

  • Appropriations
  • Energy
  • Homeland security
  • Healthcare


The Whitmer & Worrall approach to servicing our clients’ needs relies on a combination of fully understanding our clients’ business goals and objectives, and developing winning strategies to achieve success in Washington, D.C.

Our approach is bi-partisan in that process, not the political party, defines which decision makers we target.